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London is a vast city of circa 9 million inhabitants. There are 33 boroughs alone, each with a unique feel that offers a different way of living. Choosing where to live can be a challenge in itself. Sure, there will be deciding factors, be it family or the length of the commute to work. These are all factors for "heart" purchases. In addition, there are many considerations if you're looking for property with your head - for investment reasons.

Personal Shopper For Property. I know London, I can be your feet on the ground. I have sourced property for clients in all areas of London. So if you are looking for a riverside apartment, a village cottage in Hampstead, a house in one of the apostle streets in Wimbledon, a garden square (they are not all in Notting Hill), or if you want your pied à terre to be as close to Harrods as possible, then you need to have a conversation with me.

You, The Client. I work for first time buyers right through to seasoned investors. It doesn't matter how many properties you have bought previously. I guarantee I will save you time, money and stress during the buying process. Remember, buying property is emotional. The more heart you put into the process, the worse your negotiations can be. By hiring me, it becomes a business transaction, your finances will be looked after but you can still be excited by your purchase! Remember, estate agents work for the seller and not you!

Call +44 20 7409 5270 or email me to find out how I can source off market properties.

Be The First Through The Door. I am in touch with the "movers and shakers" of the property world (nice people) and get knowledge of new properties coming on the market before most people do - and certainly before they are able to be advertised online and in print. I also do the legwork - people are surprised how many properties you have to see before you find "the one" and I am out every day previewing what's out there. So, essentially, I make sure you are the "first through the door".

Finding the property is just part of the work. Overseeing the legal process can be complex and I know how to work the system have the experience and knowledge to manage and oversee the whole purchase process - including complex legal issues - which can cause need for renegotiations

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